Welcome and thank you for your interest in
my services!

I am a licensed Psychologist practicing in Baton Rouge since 1983.
I specialize in evaluation and counseling with children and youth (ages 2 through 22 years) presenting with developmental challenges of learning, attention, and/or adjustment.

In my practice I address referral concerns such as: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; Dyslexia and Learning Disorders; Developmental Disorders and Delays; School Readiness; Disruptive Behavior Disorders; Executive Functions Intervention (e.g., sustained attention; starting/completing tasks; goal-directed persistence; behavioral self-regulation); Anxiety/Anger Management; and Social Skills Development. I also address child/adolescent adjustment to developmental or life stressors, such as parental separation/ divorce, sibling conflicts, and I provide services for common developmental problems, such as bed wetting, soiling, tantrums, and aggressive behaviors. I specialize in assisting parents to understand and manage their child/adolescent’s developmental challenges, and provide parent counseling and child/adolescent behavior management services. A full written report with specific recommendations is provided for all evaluations listed below.

I offer the following psychological services:

  1. Psycho-educational Evaluation for Learning and/or Attention-Deficit Disorder
  2. Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation for Learning, Attention, and Adjustment Disorder
  3. Gifted/Talented Evaluation
  4. Developmental and Intellectual Assessments
  5. Parent Counseling & Child/Adolescent Behavior Management Services
  6. Individual Child/Adolescent Counseling

I work closely with teachers, physicians, and other mental health professionals to assure a comprehensive, child-and family-centered plan of service that meets the individual needs of the child/adolescent and family. I provide recommendations and instruction for educational accommodations and modifications that enable students to function more in keeping with their potential in spite of their learning/behavior/adjustment problem.

Services begin with an initial diagnostic interview and screening with the child/adolescent and parents to review concerns, obtain a comprehensive history, and develop an initial evaluation and/or service plan.
Some individuals may be referred for consultation or evaluation purposes only.

Afternoon, evening, and Saturday appointments are available. I will make every effort to schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding services, procedures, fees, and insurance coverage. I look forward to being of service to you and your child/adolescent/youth.